Words for the Week – July 12, 2018

Greetings church.  I was on vacation last weekend and I admit, it was wonderful to unplug completely from computers and phones and news and simply enjoy time with my family and friends.

Of course, there was plenty of news awaiting me, much of it political. And the Bible lessons for the week didn’t help!  The two main readings, from the prophet Amos and the gospel of Mark, both include political intrigue and nastiness. Much like the newspaper, they are filled with names and allusions to events that easily leave a person feeling confused or disinterested.

In my sermon, I plan to dig into some of the specifics behind the names and events in these stories so that we all have a greater understanding of what’s going. In doing this, I hope to remind all of us that behind every name we read, every person we encounter, is an individual who is loved and created by God.  That includes you! 

Last week, Pastor Mark Olsen preached and presided.  We said a prayerful farewell to him and Kari as they prepare to move to Connecticut.  Please keep them in your prayers. Listen to his sermon here.

We also blessed the group who were planning to go to Haiti but due to civil unrest, the trip has been cancelled.  Please keep the people of Haiti and the Village of Hope in your prayers.

Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah