Words for the Week – January 9, 2020

Wonderful financial news!  Due to your generous end of year gifts, Peace ended 2019 with a surplus.  We are still doing final accounting so stay tuned for exact numbers.  Thank you for all the sacrifices you made to help sustain Peace’s mission.

This is especially great timing because we are in our season of stewardship, where we consider what we can give for the upcoming year.  As we learn about the budget and the mission of Peace for 2020, I pray that God’s love is at the heart of all we do.

“Sharing God’s love” is part of Peace’s mission.  It sounds so simple and yet we all know how hard it is to love sometimes.
Do you know yourself to be God’s beloved?  You are.  God loves you. Let that soak in.

A wonderful aspect of church life is that love is our guide. We follow Jesus – God’s beloved.  We get to spend our time together being shaped by divine love, forgiven for all the ways we don’t deserve love, and inspired to share love with others.

Love is our greatest need. Love is our highest calling.

It’s one reason I think church is so important in a world filled with hatred and cruelty. It’s one reason I feel so confident giving to Peace.  That all may know they are beloved!

Last week, I preached about how God comes to us as mysteriously and as certainly as the stars at night, causing us to turn away from business as usual and toward a life marked by wonder, gratitude and hope.

Listen to the sermon here.

And if you missed church last Sunday, please pick up a “guiding star.” These are stars with one word written on it that can help guide you in the new year.

Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah