Words for the Week – January 31, 2019

Try this.  Really, wherever you are right now, try this.  Take a full minute, block out all other distractions and concentrate on this:

You are surrounded by love…You are filled with love…You are loved.


On Sunday, we’ll hear that famous reading from 1 Corinthians, love is patient, love is kind etc…

We all can learn how to be better at loving. But 1 Corinthians isn’t just a lesson on love.  It’s a reminder that apart from our efforts to become more loving, God’s love is always there.  Even when we don’t get it, can’t grasp it, certainly can’t practice it, love is.

Last week, I preached about the space between people with wildly different views and how Jesus can come into the space between us and transform us through his love so that we aren’t opposed to each other, rather, we discover that we belong to one another.   Listen to the sermon here. 

Please dig in your couch cushions and pockets and bring all your spare change to church for our noisy offering for soup-er bowl Sunday.  Along with offerings of food, we’ll give our change to help stock the shelves for those who need it. 

Be at Peace,

Pastor Sarah