Words for the Week – January 16, 2020

Like many of you, I watched the delivery of the articles of impeachment with heavy emotions.  I pray for our country’s leaders, that they take steps that will lead to real justice.  I pray that the outcome is rooted in the fairness and equality our country was founded on.  And I pray that our leaders, always – always – keep the concerns of the poor and most vulnerable foremost in their decision-making.

At the same time, I have been working on the budget and vision for our church for the next few years. While the fate of our national politics may or may not be out of our hands, we have a chance as a church to always do the things we think are Godly.

I ask you not to give up on our country, but neither to give national politics too big a role.  That’s not to say that laws and leaders can’t do enormous good. Of course they can.

But as we celebrate MLK’s birthday, we do well to remember that when the country fails to do right, the church’s witness becomes even more powerful.  I urge you channel your lament for our country into hope and energy for the church – that church can stand with those who need shelter and support; that the church can model unity in Christ even in diversity of opinion; and that the church can be a voice for the voiceless and a force for love.  Just this week, neighbors were befriended and served at Peace’s homework club; bishops from our wider church advocated for people coming to our border seeking legal refuge; and members of our church who voted differently from one another in 2016, cared for one another with love.

This is a hard time to be an American; but it is a great time to be church.  It is always a great time to be church because God always calls us – just as Jesus called his disciples – to greater things than we can to on our own.

Listen to last week’s sermon here.

Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah