Words for the Week – January 10, 2019

Arise, your light has come!

This season, we focus on the light of God which beckons us like the wise men to go find the presence of God and bear it to the world.  Listen to last Sunday’s sermon here

This Sunday, we’ll hear about the baptism of Jesus and be reminded that like all of us, Jesus needed to receive the Holy Spirit in order to fulfill his calling.

I’ll preach about how even the most faithful among us can become dispirited.  We long for a star, a sign, anything that helps point us to God.

Especially when we are dispirited, how do we ask for the Spirit’s presence?  How do we stay faithful in the times when it seems like God’s Spirit is absent?  How do we hold onto the promise of baptism: that we, like Jesus, are beloved by God?

This Sunday our “Epiphany Ministry Moment” will feature Advocacy.  Peace serves not only through charity and direct service, but also by participating in advocacy organizations.  Together, we hold our political leaders responsible for creating policies where all people can thrive.  Read more below.

Related, if you are concerned about the border wall and government shutdown, I recommend Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services’ (LIRS) fact-sheet and how you can help.    https://www.lirs.org/immigration-fact-check-presidential-address/

If you have been adversely affected by the government shut-down and need help or prayer, please contact me. 

Be at Peace,

Pastor Sarah