Words for the Week – February 7, 2019

Love is what holds us together.  I believe it’s possible to improve at love.  In my sermon, I mentioned the five love languages as one tool for improving relationships (note: I think it’s great for all kinds of relationships, not just marriages).  Still, even if you excel at love, you won’t be perfect. Something will go wrong. That’s why it’s such good news to experience the power and comfort of God’s love. You can’t mess it up and nothing you do will make God stop loving you.  God’s love is the source of all our love.

Listen to the sermon here.

This week, our lessons are about calling.  No, not calling on a telephone, but calling as “vocation.” That’s the idea that God comes to us in some form and lets us know what we should do with our lives.  I’ll preach about how God helps us discover our callings and how our callings change throughout our lives.

This Sunday, the Prayer Shawl knitters will share the ministry moment.  Arise, your light has come!

See you in church,

Pastor Sarah