Words for the Week – February 28, 2019

Last week we heard Jesus’ words “Love your enemies.”  In saying this, Jesus did not advocate passive acceptance of the status quo; quite the opposite.  Through love, we can upend the status quo and claim God’s power.  The enemy does not get to define you, only God does.
I told the story of Daryl Davis, who has changed hundreds of members of the KKK.  Watch his remarkable Ted Talk here.
Listen to the sermon here.
This week is Transfiguration Sunday.  We’ll welcome new members.  It’s the final day of our “Arise your Light Has Come!” series.  We will focus on the people who make the ministries of Peace possible: You.  You will be invited to fill out a time and talents sheet so we can match your interests with the needs of the church.
Finally, a note about the United Methodist Church.  You may have heard that this past week our sister denomination decided to limit the participation of LGBTQ+ members and clergy.  This decision does not reflect the hearts of many UMC members. 
Peace has gone through similar struggles in the past and we can empathize with the pain the UMC is going through.  At the same time, we can hold out the example that full welcome is a pathway to enormous blessing. 
I firmly believe that the good news of Jesus Christ leads to the conclusion that in church, the full involvement of people of a variety of sexual orientations and gender expressions should be the norm, not a matter for debate.
Please pray for our Methodist friends on all sides who are in pain.  And whoever you are, whomever you love, may you know yourself as beloved.
Be at Peace – Pastor Sarah