Words for the Week – February 13, 2020

“You are the light of the world…so shine, shine, shine where you are.”

In what ways has your faith been evident in the world this week?  It can be easy to feel like we are victims of forces far beyond our control, but in the Bible readings from last week, we heard God tell faithful people that they have choices.  Their choices can transform the world.

Martin Luther put it well when he said: “God does not need your good deeds, but your neighbor does.”

Listen to the sermon on Isaiah 58 and let your light shine.

“The fast I choose”: For the next two weeks, I will teach adult forums on fasting.  My goal is to have 20 people of Peace join me in taking on some sort of fast during Lent (Feb 26 – April 5).  We will discuss the history and purpose of fasting as well as different kinds of fasts.  We will also touch on the complicated relationship many people have with food and why fasting for spiritual reasons is not the same as dieting.

In worship, I will preach on how Jesus wanted the Christian community to be held to a higher standard and what that means for us today.

Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah