Words for the Week – December 6, 2018

Advent blessings to you.

Everyone has some reason to pray. Last Sunday, I preached about Zechariah who had prayed for a child.  I told about the time I joined throngs of people praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, adding my most fervent prayer to the wall. 

Prayer isn’t just a wish list for a Santa-like God.  It helps us trust God that no matter what happens, we are carried into the future by a love more surprising and joyful than any disappointment. 

Listen to last week’s sermon here.

This week, we will read Luke 1:28-56. Mary becomes pregnant, visits her cousin Elizabeth, and rejoices with the powerful words of the Magnificat. 

These women gathered in trust that Jesus’ birth, which would certainly be a blessing to them personally, would also affect the whole world order.  Because of Jesus, poor and disenfranchised people would find new hope. 

Mary and Elizabeth were church.  Every time we gather as church, we proclaim our hope in that new world order. We announce that like Mary, we believe that systems built on fear and greed and violence – which indeed can look quite overwhelming and all powerful – are being transformed by the love, generosity and creativity of God.

See you in church,
Pastor Sarah