Words for the Week – December 5, 2019

Greetings church,

As you likely already know, beloved member John Clark died on December 1.  We mourn his death and yet also trust the promises of God and give thanks for John’s faithful, loving service. His Memorial Service will be on Saturday December 21 at 2 pm with a reception to follow.


Last week, I preached on the theme waiting for the time to be right.  In God’s kingdom, there is an eternal now which means that it is never too late for God to act and the time is always right.  Listen to the sermon here.

This upcoming Sunday, I will continue my series “What are you waiting for?” with an emphasis on waiting for justice.

I find that figuring out how to enact justice one of the most complex aspects of the Christian life.

On the one hand, as John the Baptist makes clear in the gospel this Sunday, people will be called to account for their sins.  If you have been harmed by someone, it is often essential for some atonement – some justice – in order to have a new relationship, a new future.

On the other hand, we worship a God of grace and forgiveness.  That means that we don’t just clamor for justice; we also offer and receive undeserved – unjust – mercy.

I’ll explore this dynamic in my sermon on Sunday.  Hope to see you in church.  And remember, at 4, come back for some lovely music at the Advent Carol Festival.

Be at Peace,

Pastor Sarah