Words for the Week – December 19, 2019

Tonight we have a worship service of Healing and Hope at 7 pm. This is a new service for us. I know I crave a quiet time to pray and listen to the voice of God above all the clatter of these days. If you do too, or if you are hurting or grieving or sad or need extra spiritual strength or, or, or, please come tonight, exactly as you are.

On Saturday, Peace will hold the Memorial Service for our beloved member John Clark, who died on December 1st at 2 pm. All are welcome. A reception will follow.

On Sunday, I will wrap up my sermon series “What are you waiting for?” with the focus: waiting for a sign. Signs are useful when we are trying to figure out which direction to go. They orient us and help us make decisions. But signs can also be maddeningly absent and frustratingly hard to interpret. I’ll preach about the surprising signs that God gave in scripture. And I’ll ask you to consider the idea that there’s no decision we can make that God can’t work with.  All is redeemable in God’s reign of love and care.

Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah