Words for the Week – August 9, 2018

The church will vote on Sunday on approving a master plan for our facilities.  This is a major step in preparing our church to be equipped to worship and serve into the future. I hope you can come to the meeting at 11:45ish.

Even as my in-box is filled with building-related emails, it seems like a good time to remind everyone that the church is not the building; the church is the people, the living body of Christ.  We have been called by God to worship and grow and serve together.  Our church building helps with that, but it is not our reason for being. 

Last week, I preached about the way our physical needs and our spiritual needs are connected.  I told this story.  Someone went to a pastor’s office looking for financial help.  Later, the pastor quipped to a friend, “just once, I wish someone would come into my office looking for spiritual help” to which the friend replied, “they just did.” 
The point is that often our physical well-being has some effect on our spiritual well-being. 

Listen to the sermon here.

Finally, I’m very aware that Sunday is the one-year anniversary of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.  At the same time as worship on Sunday, ten miles from us there will be another rally of white supremacists, many of them professed Christians.  Though such a rally is terrifying and awful, it’s also only the tip of the iceberg of the racism that exists in our society.  

On Sunday, we will pray specifically for an end to the entire system of white supremacy – including that which lives in the far reaches of some of our own hearts – and for God’s reconciling love to build a new humanity.

Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah