Word for the week – April 11, 2019

Sunday is Palm Sunday where we process into the church waving palms, recreating Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.  In the gospel, we’ll hear Jesus tell the people who complained about the joyful praises of his followers that even if they were silent, the stones would cry out.  Those same complaining people will clamor for Jesus’ death.  On Good Friday, they will think they were successful in stamping out Jesus’ unruly following.  The mystery of Easter is foreshadowed by Jesus’ words on Palm Sunday: even in the face of death, God lives. 

We can’t help but think we control the outcomes of this world.  The good news of Easter, coming to us even as Jesus enters Jerusalem, is that because it’s God who actually controls the outcomes, the worst thing that happens is never the last thing that happens. Even the stones will cry out. 

Last Sunday, I finished my series on prayer with a reflection on prayer as praise.  I noted that many people feel like robots, only valuable when they are productive. Using the Biblical story where Jesus’ friend Mary anoints him with expensive oil, I noted that even though praise is not productive, it’s worth spending time and money doing it. 

Listen to the sermon here.

Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah