July/August 2018 Newsletter

Greetings church.  The initial topic of my newsletter article was the Faith Foundations class I’m starting in the fall. 

But given recent national decisions around immigrant families on our border and more generally, the welcome our country gives to refugees and immigrants, I’ll start there.  While I am not a policy expert I do think it is important for Christians to speak in solidarity and love for the poorest, marginalized and most vulnerable among us. In this case, that includes immigrants fleeing poverty and violence as well as refugees fleeing war and total devastation.

Our larger church, the ELCA has a variety of social statements that guide us. I invite you to spend time on the  advocacy pages of the ELCA website.

Also, our presiding Bishop, Elizabeth Eaton, wrote a statement following the Supreme Court ruling on the travel ban and the synodical Bishop, Richard Graham recently wrote a letter to president Trump regarding family separation.  I recommend them to you. 

I’m grateful that Peace has lead an inter-faith effort to re-settle a refugee. Mark your calendars now for a September 8 training. We are awaiting a match with a family, but we will be ready to serve when the need is known. 

I very much hope that as we put Christ at the center of all we do, Peace is inspired by a vision where compassion and grace lead us.  That’s a vision that our world desperately needs.

Now, to the Faith Foundations Class.  I’m really excited about this!  I led a similar class at my former congregation and have been waiting for the right time to introduce it at Peace.  The basics are below.  If you are interested of have questions, please email me at pastorsarah@sharingpeace.org.

  • What: Bible, Lutheran foundations and sharing our lives together. It’s kind of like confirmation for adults or a really intensive new members class or a small group. 
  • When: Starting Sept 19, Wednesdays from 7:30 – 9. We’ll meet a total of twenty times plus an overnight retreat (dates TBD).
  • Who: Anyone who wants to do a deep dive into the foundations of their faith and develop closer relationships with others.
  • Cost: There will be some materials you’ll be asked to purchase plus the cost of an overnight retreat. Totals are likely not more than $150 and we will have plenty of funds for people for whom that cost is prohibitive.  Bottom line: all are welcome!