From Pastor Sarah – June Service Survey

At the beginning of the year, I stated the goal that every member of Peace would serve in at least two ways: within the church and outside the church.  I have a hunch that most of you are already doing that.
This survey aims to collect the variety of ways that the people of Peace already serve in order to celebrate the various ways the people of Peace serve; connect people who have similar interests; and create new opportunities for service.
I ask that in the month of June, every member of Peace fill out this survey.  Kids are encouraged to participate. And if you’re not a member of Peace but you consider Peace a church home, please fill it out too. Paper copies will be available in worship the next four weeks.  Please fill out either the paper or the online copy, but not both.
After you have filled out the survey, please visit our “tree of service” located outside the sanctuary and fill out leaves to represent your service.  And revisit the tree throughout the month to celebrate all the ways that Peace serves.
Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah