Words for the Week – October 10, 2019

Greetings church.  We’re having Peace in two places this weekend.  Forty-one of us will be at the Peace Retreat: Re-create.  We’ll worship, laugh, rest, make art, enjoy nature and build relationships away from the demands of everyday life. I can’t wait.

The rest will worship as usual at Peace.  Pastor Vincent Guss will preach and preside.  We will pray for one another.  We are one body with many members.

It’s an exciting weekend for the larger church as the Reverend Leila Ortiz will be installed as the Bishop of the Metropolitan Washington DC Synod of the ELCA in a glorious worship service on Saturday, Oct 12 at 10 am in the Memorial Chapel of the University of Maryland.  Unfortunately, I can’t go as the retreat was already scheduled, but if you are at all inclined to go, please do.  It will be quite the holy celebration.  Also being installed are Rev. Lamar Bailey as the Director for Evangelical Mission and the Rev. Erin Swenson-Reinhold as the Assistant to the Bishop. The service will be livestreamed on Facebook live.  See more about this worship service here.

Last week I preached about trusting that the small mustard seed of faith you do have is enough.  It’s enough because our faith never works on its own; the Holy Spirit is always with us to make the impossible possible.
How does it make a difference in your life and your witness to remember: your faith might not be perfect, but it is enough. I’d truly love to know the answer! Email me if you have a response.

Listen to last week’s sermon here.

Be at Peace,
Pastor Sarah