Greetings. What an amazing Holy Week and Easter. Many thanks to the musicians, readers, and all the volunteers who made our worship services so meaningful. He is risen indeed!

On Easter, I preached about fear and faith. I told a story about overhearing two women talk casually about the end of the world. I addressed the very real reasons to have fear, cynicism and resignation, but then encouraged us to trust the power of the resurrection. I quoted from a recent essay by Rebecca Solnit, titled “What if climate change meant not doom, but abundance?

With an outlook of hope, made possible by Jesus’ resurrection, we can look honestly at all that appears wrong with the world, and remember God’s promises. We too can ask that powerful, transformational question, “What if?”

I ended by saying that if I had a chance to talk to those women, I would tell them that because of the power of the resurrection, the world isn’t ending, it is beginning.

Listen to the sermon here.