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Director of Music

The following position for Music Director is open and accepting applications. Please send your resume and cover letter to
Position Description: Director of Music/Organist

Part-time; 20 hours a week.

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Staff Liaison to: Worship and music committee

Compensation: The salary floor for this position is $30K, with education and experience taken into account for final negotiations. This position includes a generous time off policy of 3 full weeks (including Sundays) and an additional 11 Sundays off each year.

About Peace

Our mission is to share God’s love, grow in faith, and create community.

We are a neighborhood church on the western edge of Alexandria, VA. Our congregation has about 300 active participants with around 115 in worship on any given Sunday. Our members come from all walks of life, including 7 different countries, all sides of the political spectrum, ages 0 to 102, a variety of economic situations, and diverse family/home lives. We consider the relationships at Peace like family – especially important as many of us live far from our original homes.

What binds us together is God’s reconciling and forgiving love, revealed most perfectly in Jesus Christ. Each of us is equally in need of God’s grace. As modern disciples of Jesus we engage in scripture, prayer, worship, service, conversation, study, and fun as we seek to live out our baptismal callings.

Peace is a congregation of the Metropolitan DC Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). We are a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregation meaning that we welcome people of all sexual orientations. We are committed to the truth that all people are welcome in God’s kingdom.

Our vision: Peace is a spiritually alive congregation where every active participant cultivates a relationship with God, has a sense of genuine community, and is engaged in service. Our worship is creative and beautiful, inspiring to life-long Lutherans and newcomers alike. Our congregation is multi-ethnic and economically diverse, with at least 25% of the members from within walking distance. Our congregation influences our neighborhood for the better, with a positive connection to the schools and contributing to an enriching sense of community life. We will be carbon-neutral and low-trash.


The ministry of the music program at Peace Lutheran Church has the following goals:

  1. Work with pastors, staff and lay leaders to create meaningful, inspiring worship services that connect with people who are traditionally Lutheran as well as people who are new to the Lutheran church.
  2. Provide music, including anthems, hymns, liturgical and other service music, to support the church’s weekly services. Provide the same for all occasional church festivals and special congregational events (hereafter referred to as ‘events’).
  3. Provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship for all involved in the church’s music program.

The Director of Music/Organist is responsible for the overall leadership and coordination of the music program at Peace Lutheran Church. The director of music/organist will also serve as the principal organist for Peace Lutheran Church and be the director of the Adult Choir.


The Director of Music/Organist’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Coordinate scheduling, planning, and programming of services and events with the pastor, staff, and the Worship and Music Committee.
  2. Select, in coordination with the Pastors and music staff, and perform choral and organ anthems, preludes, postludes and other special music for weekly services and events. Ensure that the music is consistent with the theme of the season, the message of the scripture, other elements of the service or event, and the abilities of the church choir members and musicians.
  3. Select and perform hymns and liturgical music for weekly services and events using the same criteria as listed in item 2 above. Hymn of the Day selections will be coordinated with the pastors.
  4. Submit all the above musical selections to the parish administrator in coordination with the pastors for the weekly worship folder. Selections shall be submitted no later than 4 days prior to service for which the selections were made.
  5. Review and obtain new choral and organ music using the criteria listed in item 2 above. Ensure that all music obtained is consistent with the liturgical needs of the congregation. Maintain the existing choral and organ music libraries.
  6. Lead and accompany rehearsals to prepare the Adult Choir for its role in worship. Ensure that the Adult Choir maintains the quality that reflects the importance of its ministry.
  7. Direct and accompany the Adult Choir during the weekly services and events for which it provides leadership. The Adult Choir currently performs on the second, fourth, and fifth Sundays of the month.
  8. Direct and accompany other Peace music groups during rehearsals and worship services on an as needed basis.
  9. Recruit new choir members and assist with recruiting members for other music groups.
  10. Ensure musical selections are permissible for use in worship – including live-streaming.
  11. Arrange for vocal or instrumental soloists or ensembles to perform at worship services and events.
  12. Be present to perform all duties of the combined position per the schedule of services and events below:
    • One morning service per Sunday, 3 Sundays per month (4 Sundays per month in months with 5 Sundays). This one service per Sunday schedule is subject to change; in which event, additional compensation for additional services will be discussed at that time.
    • One evening service on Ash Wednesday
    • Mid-week evening services on Wednesdays during Lent
    • Maundy Thursday and Good Friday evening services
    • Thanksgiving Eve Ecumenical Service (when Peace Lutheran Church is hosting; if not hosting, assist the hosting church’s music director as requested)
    • Two services on Christmas Eve and one service on Christmas Day
    • Two concerts a year, typically the Advent Carol Festival and a Spring Concert
    • Other events as requested by the pastors and the Worship and Music Committee
  1. In the event of an absence, supply an organist or musician of equivalent performance ability. If the absence is unplanned, the church will contact a supply organist or musician.
  2. Be willing to perform at, and provide the musical leadership for, funerals, memorials, and weddings with the right of first refusal to perform these services when available.
  3. Supervise the care and maintenance of the organ with the contracted organ firm of Lewis and Hitchcock. Oversee the care and maintenance of other musical instruments within the church, including the pianos.
  4. Participate in weekly 1 hour staff meeting (via on-line or in person meeting.) 
Job Performance Review

The Director of Music/Organist shall be subject to an annual review.

Professional Qualifications

The Director of Music will possess relevant skills, experience and knowledge, including:

  • Demonstrated skill and competency in playing the organ and piano
  • Demonstrated familiarity with, or the willingness to learn, the use of music in Lutheran worship, including ability to select appropriate music and accompany congregational singing and the liturgy
  • Experience and competency in developing and directing adult volunteer choirs
  • Experience in performing various church music styles (such as classical, contemporary, folk, gospel and culturally diverse music)
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively with staff members, Pastors, congregation and choir members
  • Demonstrated competency in planning and administrating a church music program
  • Ability to engage in worship consistent with the values of Peace Lutheran Church, including respect, compassion and grace in creating community for all people who are welcome in God’s kingdom.