This Sunday at the 10:30 service we will re-introduce pieces of the liturgy that we haven’t done in person since COVID, including taking communion around the rail. I look forward to a fuller liturgy and ask your patience if we don’t have it all smoothly the first time.

Speaking of common meals…In the gospel, Jesus listens to some folks grumbling that he is eating with the wrong people.  He tells them stories about a shepherd who goes after one lost sheep, and a woman who searches for one lost coin. He starts each story by pointing out that even those who are grumbling would go to great lengths to find something or someone they value.

Evangelical Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe thinks that one of the keys to healing our world is to find common things we care about. One you’ve discovered what people care about, you can work with them.

Jesus points out that God cares about sinners as much as God cares about the righteous. This is not only good news for the sinners, but for us all.  We can trust that we are cared for and loved by a God who will never let us go.

1) What categories do you tend to lump people into?
2) When have you been surprised by someone you thought you had all figured out?
3) If you are totally honest, where do you need some care?
4) When has someone extended undeserved grace to you?

Last week, I preached about the high bar of discipleship and pointed out that none of us measures up. Then I told you to get over it.  Or in more church-y terms, to trust the words of forgiveness, the unending offer of grace, and to keep on trying.  9/4/22 Sermon Link

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