Children, Youth and Family News


  • Youth help with Homework Club – Homework Club is hosting an online game time for kids on 2/7 from 1-2 pm and we would love for youth helpers to join and/or lead games. The objective is to play games and have fun, build upon our connection with Homework Club families and kids, and determine if any help with school work is needed. Contact Nadia for more information or watch your email!
  • Sunday School – We meet at 10 am this Sunday! Our half hour of time flies by – we greet each other, sing “This is the Day” together, think about a question related to the story or Gospel lesson, see what we notice in artwork inspired by or based on the day’s lessons, and get paired in prayer partners for the week. Please let me know if you need the Zoom info!
  • Faith Resources – 
    This week’s lesson is on Jesus’ sermon in Nazareth where he invokes the Prophet Isaiah’s words and indicts those in the synagogue to the point that they violently drive him out of town (Luke 4:14-30). Here is some modern context:
    – For adults: a 9 minute commentary on this text from Catholic Productions.
    – For kids: a short reenactment narrated by adults and acted out by kids (please note some points may need follow up conversation).
    – A Britannica article on Nazareth, which is the largest predominantly Arab city in Israel.
    – Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is visiting Nazareth today, where some protests are happening in response.
    – Nazareth is often a site of Christian pilgrimage.