Thanks to everyone who came to the After-Easter Egg and Scavenger Hunt – it was fun to see all 200+ eggs gathered in less than 7 minutes! Big thanks to Ms. Reena and Ms. Sophie for their help in planning and implementing the fun.

 🎨 Come help paint a beautiful work of art on the Lauxman House garage door! All middle and high school youth are invited to help paint the beautiful mural (that youth contributed ideas for!) that will go on the garage door of the Lauxman House. Please sign up here to help paint on May 1 or 2!

April Service Project – we are collecting snack bags for one more Sunday! Bring them to the table on the Lauxman House porch this Sunday, April 25th.
Thank you for the bags that we have so far – we are about halfway to our goal of 160 snack bags!
April Service Project

📣 Kids, families, everyone: you are invited to help reach a goal of 160 snack bags that will be shared with kids enrolled in an after school program hosted by a nearby affordable housing community (more info on that below).


  • Supplies needed – paper lunch bags, 3-4 types of non-perishable snack foods such as pretzels, no-nut granola bars, mandarin orange or other fruit cups, crackers and juice boxes. For dietary restrictions, we prefer no nuts and no gelatin fruit snacks. *Please bring fruit only on the last Sunday in April to ensure freshness.
  • Assemble bags at home. Bags can be decorated.
  • Drop bags off on the table on the Lauxman House porch before or after any outdoor service in April (unless rain cancels the outdoor service).
AHC Inc, an affordable housing developer, believes Education + Housing = Success. AHC runs tutoring programs for low-income students at their community centers in Arlington. With education programs operating virtually this year, students drop by the community centers on Mondays to pick up supplies, including a bag of healthy snacks to keep them energized while they do their homework. If you want to start a conversation about the importance of housing and “home” with younger kids, here’s a clip from Sesame Street in Communities called “Home is…” and here’s a clip from SoulPancake about the meaning of home for all ages. Questions from there might be about what home means to your family, why home and housing are so important to all of us, and how this conversation relates to loving our neighbors and community.
Questions? Contact Nadia.

  • Learning and celebrating local Black history – Two weekends ago, three Peace families and one willing tour guide met up in 32° weather to go on a walking tour around Duke Street in Old Town, Alexandria. The last stop on the tour was the sculpture of Mary and Emily Edmonson, teenage sisters who struggled, fought, and survived in spite of the odds that were geared against them. Have you seen this sculpture on Duke street? It’s next to the functional office building where they were once held as prisoners. Hear their story and snippets of interviews with their descendants here:

  • High school youth Tuesday night check-ins on Zoom
  • 10:00 am Sunday School on Zoom

For more information or questions, contact Nadia.

Looking for other resources for Children, Youth and Family? Check out our resources page.