At the Church Council’s Meeting on March 18, 2021, the Council accepted the Re-Opening Team’s suggestions for changing our building restrictions due to Covid – 19.  


A) Worship.

Starting on Easter (April 4), we will begin a hybrid worship service: In-person outdoors with a virtual option too.  Bring your own chair.

In case of inclement weather, worship leaders will conduct the worship service from inside the sanctuary but congregants will participate from home via zoom, facebook or the website.

For outdoor worship, if worship leaders are properly distanced, they need not wear masks. All congregants are asked to wear masks at this time.

B) Peace ministry group indoor use. 

Peace will now allow ministry groups to meet indoors that are internal to Peace (i.e. quilters, men’s group, young adults), plus House of Faith and Brass of Peace.

C) Outside Group indoor use.

After Peace groups have decided if they want to meet in person, our next priority will be groups that we already have relationships with (e.g. N/A, Boy Scouts, NOVA Antique Guild).

D) New Group indoor use.

We will consider new groups in the near future. Contact the office for more information.

All groups will need to submit their “covid” plan for how they are keeping themselves safe.  They will also need to commit to:

– Having 20 people or fewer.

– Staying masked and socially distant.

– Doing light cleaning (disinfecting surfaces, taking out trash and wiping down bathrooms).


For Peace groups, food will be allowed and we will ask for a “food plan.”  For outside groups, no food allowed (water is ok).

The exception to this is the AARP free tax clinic, which will continue to use the education wing through May 15.