God Holds You – March 19, 2020

God holds you, day 5. Our bishop gathered all our synod pastors on a zoom call today. We were something like 60 people in a massive Brady Bunch style formation. Below each of our faces, our names. My church pulled … Read More

God Holds You – March 18, 2020

Grief is starting to settle in. No one I know has died. No one has even gotten sick. But the little losses are piling up like snowflakes on a branch. No play dates. No ice cream stop on the way … Read More

God Holds You – March 17, 2020

Today I noticed people getting creative. Children’s author Mo Willems is giving online doodling lessons. I doodled alongside my children, as Mo taught us to draw Gerald, the famous elephant of the Elephant and Piggy books. The five minutes of … Read More

God Holds You – March 16, 2020, part 2

The day started with our whole family running across the street in our pjs. We saw our neighbor headed to work and we ran over to say good morning, check in. We waved and chatted with more neighbors in one … Read More

Gods Holds You – March 16, 2020, part 1

This thought came to mind as I cuddled my little one to sleep tonight: God will hold you. I barely recognize this world, not only because of the virus – though I can hardly go there – but also because … Read More

Words for the Week – March 5, 2020

God is active in this world.  It is sometimes nice to be reminded. On Sunday, we’ll hear about a man named Nicodemus who got curious about Jesus even though he had every reason not to.  The life of faith is … Read More

Words for the Week – February 27, 2020

Have you ever been lost?  Last week, I preached about being in unfamiliar territory. On a high mountain with Jesus, they saw a new vision and experienced a new aspect of Jesus. They quickly cooked up a plan based on … Read More

Words for the Week – February 13, 2020

“You are the light of the world…so shine, shine, shine where you are.” In what ways has your faith been evident in the world this week?  It can be easy to feel like we are victims of forces far beyond … Read More

Words for the Week – February 6, 2020

I will admit, I am wrestling with the challenge of how to be a healing presence in the world this week.  There is a brokenness that at times, I am afraid will never heal.   What a gift that Isaiah 58 … Read More

Words for the Week – January 30, 2020

On Sunday, I asked “what did you want to be when you grew up?”  The question of how to spend your life is never completely solved for most people.  When we hear about the first disciples’ calling, it can be … Read More

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