Peace is a founding member of the Annandale Christian Community in Action (ACCA), formed in 1967 as a coalition of churches coming together to serve the poor in Annandale.

ACCA is a church-related voluntary organization providing day care, food, rental assistance, furniture, and other services to low-income families in the Annandale/Bailey’s Crossroads area, regardless of religion, race or ethnic background.

Peace remains actively part of ACCA. In addition to significant financial support and representation, we also collect weekly food donations for the pantry.

To find out more about ACCA, see their website:

Volunteer with ACCA:

General information about ongoing volunteer service opportunities is listed below. For further information or to sign up contact:  Barbara Boots:

Food Delivery

Deliver food to individuals and families. Food must be picked up from the ACCA Food Pantry in Annandale between 7 AM and 5:45 PM Monday through Friday. Volunteers are called about once every 2-3 months. Food Captains are also needed to receive referrals from social workers and arrange for food deliveries from the pool of volunteer drivers. Captains work from home one week every 3 months.

Contact Jean Rackowski:


Medical Transportation

Provide transportation to a medical appointment. Clients are ambulatory but are without means to get to the doctor without transportation assistance. Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday. Drivers may choose when they drive based on their availability.

Contact Gail Coleman:



Deliver hot meals to shut-ins. Delivery runs originate at United Baptist Church in Annandale. Any day, Monday through Friday A.M.

Contact: Dave Roycraft:


Furniture Delivery

Provide furniture to people who don’t have any. Work includes pickup and delivery of furniture and phone calls and administrative work. Every Saturday morning 8 A.M. to noon.

Contact Don DiSpirito:


Family Emergency Assistance

Be the contact person for social workers to arrange for payment of rent, utilities, prescriptions and other needs in accordance with ACCA guidelines. Family Emergency Assistance Money Captains work by computer from home or office for 1 week every 10 weeks or so.

Contact Marie Markey:



Each year, ACCA awards college scholarships to high school seniors with disabilities. Scholarship Committee members set up the scholarship and choose the recipient.

Contact Ann Marie Hicks:

Child Development Center

CDC needs volunteers to sew cot sheets, perform gardening, and serve as teacher aides.

Call Isabel Ballivian:


Home Repair/Rebuilding Together

Volunteers help with painting, carpentry, yard work and other home maintenance tasks. House captains must be familiar with building trades. Volunteers also provide lunch and snacks. The work is usually scheduled on the last Saturday in  April.

Contact Marie Monsen:



Recruiters are needed to publicize the walk and coordinate the walkers. Volunteers also needed to prepare and serve snacks and help with registration one weekend in October.

Contact Camille Mittelholtz or